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Online-to-offline mobile charging system for electric vehicles: strategic planning and online operation
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  • product description:This research considers the mobile charging service from two levels: operation level and planning level.

  • Online-to-offline mobile charging system for electric vehicles: strategic planning and online operation


    This research considers the mobile charging service from two levels. In the operational level, we model the operation process as a dynamic online fleet dispatching problem. Based on the known spatial-temporal demand pattern, we propose an online dispatching policy which considers the long-term operation utility, using two-stage stochastic optimization model, to efficiently operate mobile charger fleet. In the planning level, we fully consider the impact of the operational level, and a simulation-based two-layer model is established. We use surrogate-based optimization (SBO) to optimize the two-layer model. The proposed real-time operation policy improves the mobile charging service operation efficiency, and the planning of the whole mobile charging system is provided.


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