Postdoctoral Recruitment of Associate Professor Li Meng, Tsinghua University

Due to work needs, THU-LEAD is now recruiting two postdoctorals. We warmly welcome young talents all around the world to join us! 
■  Responsibility:
1) Conduct research on the basic theory and application of cloud control technology for automated transportation system;
2) Conduct research on artificial intelligence analysis and optimization based on traffic big data;
3) Conduct research on planning, operation and management on the traffic-charging joint network in the electrified environment of transportation;
4) Prepare research reports and organize some related events;  

5) Participate in the team-hosted researches and applications of projects funded by National Key R&D Program of China, NSFC, and key enterprises (Daimler, Gaode, Toyota, and Teld).

■  Requirements
1) Has obtained or will soon receive a Ph.D.; under 35 years of age; majors in transportation engineering, industrial engineering, automation or other related fields;
2) Published articles in SCI journals as a first journalist;
3) Has some certain understanding in the field of intelligent transportation system, traffic engineering, autonomous driving and other related aspects; has participated in relevant scientific research projects, familiar with the use of relevant research and development processes and tools;
4) Has a passion for scientific research and a strong spirit of teamwork, and is able to complete the scientific research work arranged by the team with high quality;
5) Masters good English reading, writing and communication skills;

6) Able to work full-time as a postdoctoral.

■  Salary & Treatment
1) Once hired, the salary will be implemented in accordance with the relevant post-doctoral regulations of the nation and Tsinghua University, and additional living allowances will be provided. The specific amount is negotiable;
2) The post-doctoral apartments will be available for renting, and children will be allowed to enter the schools attached to Tsinghua University;
3) Enjoy Tsinghua University faculty and staff social insurance, housing accumulation funds, etc.;
4) Eligible for the Post-doctoral household registration transfer and family household registration migration policies developed by the National Administrative Committee of Post-Doctoral Researchers;
5) We encourage and recommend post-doctoral researchers to apply for various post-doctoral independent projects. Once approved, the project funding is as follows:
♦  International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program (Talent-Introduction Program): 600,000 yuan / 2 years;

♦  Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar Program: 250,000-300,000 yuan / year, before tax;

   ♦ Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talent: 500,000 yuan / 2 years;

   ♦ “Excellent doctoral graduate” award: 300,000 yuan / 2 years.

■  Applications:

Please email your CV to before December 31, 2019, titled as “Postdoctoral  application + name”. For consultation, please contact Ms. Guo at +86-010-63785569.


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