THU-LEAD participate in the 99th TRB Annual Meeting in Washington D.C
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  •      From January 10th to January 17th, 2020, in the lead of Prof. Meng Li and Xi Lin, some members of THU-LEAD participated in the 99th Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting in Washington D.C and gave academic reports/posters related to their research topics:

         1) Xiangdong Chen: Modelling and analyses of a mixed-use lane with automated vehicle and bus rapid transit

          2) Peng Tang: The Design and Operation of Mobile Charging System

          3) Yunlong An: Conflict-Free Routing in Dedicated Automated Vehicle Zones

       TRB Annual Meeting is the largest international conference in the field of transportation. Held in Washington D.C in January every year, TRB Annual Meeting attracts many transportation professionals and researchers around the world. In recent years, TRB Annual Meeting has become an important display window for THU-LEAD. Through conducting in-depth exchanges with experts and scholars from internationally renowned universities and industries, listening to multiple opinions and strengthening peer exchanges, THU-LEAD will continue to improve the overall research and promote the academic research to a higher level.



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