Project led by Associate Professor Li Meng wins the first prize of Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award
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  • At 9:00 a.m. on June 29, the Science and Technology Award conference of Anhui Province was held, attended by Li Jinbin, Secretary of Anhui Provincial Party Committee, Li Guoying, governor of Anhui Province and other provincial leaders. The decision of Science and Technology Award of Anhui Province in 2019 was released at the meeting. According to the regulations of "Measures for Anhui Province Science and Technology Award", after the evaluation of the provincial Science and Technology Award Evaluation Committee and the approval of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, the awarding representatives of the Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Award, Natural Science Award, Technological Invention Award and Scientific and Technological Progress Award were awarded. Associate Professor Li Meng of THU-LEAD, who was the first to complete the project "Key technology and application of road traffic congestion mitigation based on rapid discovery of the source of congestion" won the first prize of Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award.


    Aiming at the problem of accurately and effectively alleviating traffic congestion, the project puts forward the technical concept of congestion source for the first time. Based on the source of congestion, it constructs a set of key technologies of rapid detection, rapid alarm, rapid disposal and accurate quantitative evaluation of congestion mitigation effect, develops the all-weather, wide area detection equipment of road traffic congestion source, as well as the road traffic congestion mitigation platform based on the rapid discovery of congestion source. The platform realizes the goal of eliminating the source of sudden congestion in the bud or shortening the duration of the source of congestion, and provides a new technical means for effectively alleviating periodic traffic congestion. The achievements of the project have been applied in nearly 20 cities in China, such as Hefei, Bengbu, Dalian and so on, with remarkable social and economic benefits, which plays an important role in promoting and demonstrating the progress of effectively alleviating road congestion in China.


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