Seven students win presentation award in the final group meeting of autumn semester 2020-2021
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  • From January 14 to January 30, 2021, all the students of THU-LEAD made their research presentations in four times. This group meeting is the final report of autumn semester 2020-2021, with scoring mechanism started. All presentations are evaluated according to four aspects: research level, expression logic, PPT quality and time control. Finally, seven students won the presentation award. They are:

    • Huimin Yan: Time-segmented curb parking planning in connected automated vehicle network
    • Ke Zhang: Reinforcement learning for vehicle routing problem
    • Peng Tang: Multistage joint planning of electric transit transition and charging facility deployment under BOT mode
    • Qingquan Liu: Coordinated lane changing in connected automated vehicle platoons
    • Xiangdong Chen: Network-level rhythmic control of heterogeneous automated traffic with transit priorities 
    • Yineng Wang: Designing Mobility-as-a-Service systems considering travelers' mode choices
    • Zhengchao Zhang: Traffic data imputation and prediction


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